Arsonye - Panama Lovers

Panama Lovers
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Panama Lovers is a reference to the Panama Papers scandal. It is Arsonye's contribution to restoring the country public perception. As an international trade hub and the host of many corporate subsidiaries, Panama is a place where a lot of foreigners come for business and only stay for a couple of days. In his EP Panama Lovers, Arsonye has imagined an impossible romance in Panama, in which two lovers try to catch each other but time is of the essence in this place where many are just passing by...

Upon Arrival kicks things off with beautiful leads and inspiring synths underneath a luscious bass line and delightful keys before Calling You fuses sunshine-soaked atmospheres through irresistible melodic stabs, uplifting piano chords and warming pads that gracefully envelop throughout. Business to Business is a low slung house cut with laid back grooves, inviting melodies and punchy acid pulsations whilst revolving synth flutters, breezy tones and restorative vibrations in Laundry Love immerse the listener through to the end. Papers exquisitely rounds off this gorgeous EP with chugging drums, deep 303 bass notes and oceanic softness that’s a common feature throughout the whole release