Billy Mays Band - Afterlife

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  • Digital : 4.99$
  • CD Limited Edition : 5.99$
  • Cassette Limited Edition : 10.99$
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Growing up listening to rock music, the French producer known as Billy Mays Band learnt music on his own, starting with electronic guitar. The numerical era and his passion for technology took him to another genre: electronic music.

After starting producing music using computers, he quickly turned to something else. His wish to get back to analogical and digital gear was key for his creativity to materialize his signature sound. 

This finally gave birth to Afterlife, Billy Mays Band's statement EP. Making new with old, and not the opposite, is what has been the French producer's goal for a long time. In this EP, he is inspired by human relationship with technology and its capacity to both create and destroy.

The 2nd anniversary of this release was celebrated with a Cassette re-edition featuring remixes from Ace Buchannon, SeYSMIC and WARNG.