Red Soda - Metatron Chronicles

Metatron Chronicles
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  • CD Limited Edition : 8$
  • Vinyl Limited Edition : 19$
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After releasing their first EP Waves in 2018 and the LP Decades to Midnight in 2019, Red Soda keeps on rejuvenating the genre with their upcoming album Metatron Chronicles, completing a trilogy of releases.

In Metatron Chronicles, Red Soda offers a nocturnal gallery of retrowave/synthwave songs, with a touch of synthpop, ambient soundscapes and even a pinch of heavy metal, led by their very own soulful vocals and saxophone/guitar/synth solos, covering all the sonic madness of the 80s.

After the sunny Decades To Midnight two years ago, live & radio performance and a NewRetroWave feature, Red Soda delivers a darker, deeper opus, taking retro fans on a trip to outer space, singing miscellaneous topics - from love to esoterism, from classic movie references to science-fiction stories.

This time, the album received analog mastering, adding the ultimate 80s finishing touch,